Content Warnings

Fall of Gods contains violence that might be upsetting to some people.

Project Introduction


Fall of Gods takes the popular Roguelite formula (randomly generated dungeons, random items, permadeath, etc.) and adds a deep action combat system to it that is heavily inspired by games like Devil May Cry.


One of the core mechanics of Fall of God's gameplay is the ability to freely switch weapons during combat, and chain their attacks together to create powerful combos.

The player can equip up to three weapons, one of them being a sword that every run is started with. The remaining two weapon slots can be used to equip different weapons that can be randomly found throughout the dungeon.

Each weapon has a unique set of ground attacks, air attacks, as well as what we call an Ultimate Weapon Mode (UWM). If the player has enough mana, the weapon's UWM can be triggered to transforms it into a more powerful version of itself, which can then be used for a limited amount of time.

As an example, one of our weapons, the great sword, transforms into a fire sword, summoning meteors and damaging nearby enemies in the process.

UWM & Style Meter

Similar to DMC, Fall of Gods features a Style Rank system that rewards the player for defeating enemies in a stylish way. To increase the style rank, the player needs to mix air combat with ground combat, use as many different weapons and attacks as possible and avoid getting hit by enemy attacks.

But unlike DMC, the achieved Style Rank has a direct impact on gameplay: Depending on the player's current style rank, the speed at which mana is generated will go up or down. And since mana is the resource required to activate UWMs, that means the higher the style rank, the more often the player will be able to use the weapons' UWMs.


Fall of Gods takes place in a world that is inspired by ancient Egypt. The player will encounter well-known and lesser-known Egyptian deities, some of them being friendly, but most of them being hostile.

The story, which is not yet implemented in the game, will focus on Apophis, the evil ancient Egyptian god of darkness and destruction.

About Developer

We are Felix and Roman, longtime friends and software developers with a passion for game development.

Currently, all work on Fall of Gods is done in our free time, but we are willing and planning to dedicate more time and ressources to FoG's development in the future (possibly with the help of a publisher).