Project Introduction

Eve Of Destruction is a 2D ARPG where you play as Eve, a tiny creature awakened from their eternal slumber and sent to the Spirit Realm – a world in ruins, ruled by Demons and Knights.

The player is sent on a journey of discovery:
in their quest to reach the Tower of Ascension, Eve will uncover the mysteries of the Spirit Realm and its buried past: through choices, allegiances and enmities made along, will they bring salvation or destruction?

Eve is not your average “chosen one” – at least by whom they’ve been chosen. The immersion within the game’s story and lore, is narrated on a branching path of choices and alliances.

Hand-drawn. A professionally illustrated world, made alive in its enthralling environments and unique inhabitants.

A dive in the genre. An Action RPG inspired by the Metroidvania flow, with a compelling rhythm and a larger and more ambitious identity.

Immersive Discovery. Plurality of choices within the story, expanded by possibilities buried within the lore: for a diverse game experience, favoring replayability and an extendible media presence.

About Developer

Floating in space, lost in ideas, otherworldly graphics and cosmic games. A distant signal guides you in this offer-rich universe: a Lost Satellite sending transmissions from the infinite space of creativity.

Lost Satellite Studio a Limited company (Ltd.), registered as an innovative startup. Lost Satellite can be seen as innovative also in its own internal structure: the Studio is composed of professionals of diverse skills and backgrounds.