Content Warnings

There's some crude language and fantasy/cartoon violence.

Project Introduction

The City of Norvik is holding its first ever election and somebody just blew up a tea shop. Great. Since no one else wants to touch it with a ten-foot pole, it's up to you and your goblin companion Snell to unravel the political web of incompetency. Explore the streets and tunnels of a fantasy metropolis. Debate devils, drunk sphinxes, and all manner of fantastical fools in a world where mythological creatures sell newspapers at corner shops and ideologies overtake the ramblings of dead gods.

Esoteric Ebb is an isometric 5e Disco-like CRPG set in a unique post-Arcanepunk fantasy setting. You are The Cleric, a failed Palace bureaucrat and expert in esoteric events. You arrive at the heart of the city with half the river in your boots and with the complete inability to remove your helmet. Out of your depth and with no official backup, you head out to investigate the tea shop and also probably step on as many toes as you can in this politically charged chaos.

Inspired by classics like Planescape Torment & Baldur's Gate, Esoteric Ebb features colorful and really weird characters you get to interact with through deep and branching dialogs. Make choices that'll come back to bite you. Roll dice in tense encounters. Try to survive while juggling the interests of factions and political parties. Are you on a divine mission? A quest for justice? Or is this your first step towards complete political dominion? Only you can decide on your personal and sacred journey as a devoted government employee.

And don’t forget the most important question: What will you vote for in the election?

About Developer

Hey! I'm a solo developer located in Skövde, Sweden currently developing my first self-owned title. I've worked as a freelance writer for local developers for years, and EBB is essentially my opportunity to write the type of interactive story I haven't been able to work on during my freelancing era. I'm a part of a tight-knit community of gamedevs here in Skövde, along with other studios that work on titles like Goat Simulator, V Rising, Raft, and Valheim.