Content Warnings

Characters can die, and will stay dead for the rest of your run! Luckily they will be back to business when you loop back in time yourself, so you can find your favourite character again and apologize for sacrificing them.

Project Introduction

You may have heard the legend of Atlantis, a sunken island that once housed an advanced civilization. But did you know that humans on the island co-existed with time manipulating turtles? And have you heard about the human-animal hybrids they created through their advanced scientific research? Atlantis used to be a paradise when it was still above the ocean, and they were certain their society would last forever!

Escaping Atlantis takes place on the day the island of Atlantis started sinking, and was overrun by monsters crawling out from the depths of the sea. As a turtle-whisperer travelling with one of the time manipulating turtles, you are the last chance for many Atlantean survivors to make it off the island before everything is lost. The monsters that now cover the island are not going to make it easy for you to get to the summit and escape, so you will need to work together with the survivors you encounter and direct them in battle.

Thanks to your turtle you can freeze time and make tactical decisions as you foresee what foes are going to do next. During combat you can move your Atlantean friends on a small grid-based field, and let them take actions to attack or defend. What each Atlantean can do depends on their class: All Atlanteans are either a Warrior, Defender, Archer or a Mage. Each Atlantean has special abilities which can be unlocked through leveling up characters and completing their personal story lines. Using those special abilities will allow Atlanteans to strengthen themselves or others in battle, and form powerful synergies. On top of that, you can find a number of items to assist your Atlanteans with special effects in battle.

You may not survive all the monster on your path at first, but as your turtle loops you back in time whenever you are defeated, you will be able to learn and experiment with new strategies to take out monsters. The unique Atlanteans you travel with have more on their mind than just battle, through interacting with them you will get to know them better and even increase your chances of survival over a number of loops.

Will you, your time-manipulating turtle, and the Atlanteans you encounter be successful in Escaping Atlantis?

About Developer

Roofkat is a small game studio in the Netherlands with myself, Ramon, as the one full time employee. I work together with a small team of freelancers based in the Netherlands, Germany, and the UK. We're often meeting up with other independent studios in the Netherlands and Germany at various events, and I am a mentor for GameDevCamp to help fledgling teams often based in Ukraine get some experience in the games industry.