Project Introduction

Enemy Metal is an immersive arcade game that is simple to play, yet difficult to master. Players choose a squadron of three Starships and try to survive as long as possible on the four vibrant planets of the Sunstar System. Gameplay increases in difficulty as each new planet is unlocked until they reach the final challenge on Arcana, homeworld of the deadly Enemy.

Each of the nine unique Starships can be permanently upgraded through gameplay, which provides a rewarding sense of progression for players. Starships are more powerful on their home planet, so it’s crucial to collect them all.

Crystals are the key to survival and players will need to mine to restore health and shields and gather powerful boosts to speed and firepower.

About Developer

I have worked in the creative industry for more than 18 years. My background is in 3D animation and motion graphics, creating animated television commercials and short films. From there I moved into game development, working on physical trading cards as well as games and apps for mobile. I am passionate about building balanced and unique gameplay mechanics and an immersive experience for players.