Content Warnings

There's a spider enemy. And they're quite useful, so you're not gonna want to miss it. Other than that we are striving to approach a mature lore subject from a pretty PG-friendly angle. Nothing particularly upsetting.

Project Introduction

- Traditional souls-like action platformer where learning through repetition is key
- Solve puzzles, overcome difficult platforming challenges, raise an army or thaw it out using only the main character alone
- Upgrade your character, the strength of the bodies you possess or your possession abilities by unlocking talent points
- Unlock movement abilities such as dashing, double jumping and wall climbing by interacting with echoes of other Elysians
- Help the main character reconnect with his higher self whilst navigating the political intricacies of Atreia. Key choices will influence your story and ending.

Our lore is heavily inspired by Western mysticism (in the form of the hermetic principles) whilst employing Eastern tropes such as cultivation, higher realms in a subtle manner.

Unlike traditional RPGs in our genre, we chose to diverge from the itemization path. Instead of an inventory where you hold loot that you permanently unlock as you play, we offer a possession "backpack" which allows you to store and utilize enemy bodies and even boss abilities at key moments.

"But that sounds like a traditional RPG inventory, only with extra steps," you might ask. This is where the game gets experimental - we've been trying to concoct a design which emphasizes player creativity and ultimately seeks to achieve the holy grail of gaming: emergent gameplay. Of course, we've not yet discovered the recipe for this arcana, but we do think our constantly evolving formula is getting pretty close. Our vertical slice currently plays like a typical platformer, where the main character is key, but we are looking into map and encounter design techniques which will warn observant players of the possession needs ahead of time, allowing them to strategize.

We know that our core audience loves a tough challenge that they ONLY JUST barely fail at, but in which they can see a potential solution - and they love seeking out said solution afterwards. We're looking for ways to maximize that using our possession mechanic, which can be engaged very deeply both by people keen on combat and those who prefer exploration.

About Developer

This is the story of two madmen who dodged their destiny for years, before deciding to leave everything behind and push themselves to their absolute limits to face it.

Both our co-founders, Daniel and Kazimieras, are extremely passionate about two things: telling great stories and making video games.

We are two IT professionals with 20 years of combined experience and a skilled artist, united by a shared passion.

Having successfully launched a business together previously, we're now focused on realizing our dream game, a project that fuels our daily enthusiasm.

Relevant work experience:
- Led JutsuOnline development team; a successful game with over 500k downloads
- Developed modding tools
- Engaged in game jams, with a title published on (Hide & Seek)

We've avoided our calling for a long time out of fear for the possible pitfalls. We've all heard how you can't just up and make a game without immense funding, the horror stories about the crunch culture in the industry, etc. As a consequence, we, like many others, decided to go for something practical and safe. We worked in web dev and e-commerce, creating platforms and even starting our own little trading business. But something was missing - the fuel for the fire, the thing that keeps you up at night. Having failed to finish some projects in the past, we were very reluctant, but one can only ignore destiny for so long. When the time was right, we wrapped up our jobs and contracts, saved up some funds and decided we're making this dream work no matter what. Close to one year and dozens of 80 hour weeks later we've got a great vertical slice and a good shot at this moon landing, and we're committed to making it.

P.S.: It seems the crunch WAS actually real. No one told us it's gonna be so satisfying though.