Project Introduction

We wanted to create a game similar to Only Up but with more handcrafted graphics and with a fitting egg theme, whose natural enemy is falling and cracking.

Our goal is also to make a game where players can really play with an egg and not just a ball with egg graphics. We heavily focused on making sure that the physical characteristics of the egg are well reflected in the controller. The egg rolls irregularly, it can crack, it can break. When the egg breaks, before its shell regenerates, you control the yolk for a while. It is slimy and can slip through the gaps and fall through.

To add some life to the game, we also added a narrator inspired by Getting Over It. He will accompany the egg in climbing and, referring to the game's title, sometimes tease for risky skips and shortcuts.

You're probably wondering why the egg is climbing? It's simple, it doesn't feel part of the hen house and the crumbling world encourages it to gather its strength to look for its place. The narrator also encourages it to do so. During its upward journey the egg will visit the floating remains of places related to eggs, including the chicken coop, store and kitchen. This surprising journey of the egg is observed along the way by various birds, starting with hens

Quite a few people also asked us about options for decorating the egg. This is something that makes people excited for some reason. So we thought why not? There will be several different ways to decorate the egg in the game like hidden stamps, Easter egg designs for achievements and even painting the egg yourself with a paintbrush.

About Developer

As a team we participated in Polyjam 2024, which is a part of Global Game Jam in Warsaw, Poland. The first version of Egging On was created there. You can check it here. The game won an award for “Najlepsze Wykonanie” (Best Execution). After a good reception on Polyjam, we decided to continue development under Egobounds.

Egobounds is a game development studio based in Olsztyn, Poland. Our mission is to make nice and polished games and focus on unique ideas and mechanics.