Project Introduction

Eerie Excavation is a first person horror game. You are an avid miner in the mid 19th century, in search of quick fame and fortune. You pay a strange person to give you access to isolated and haunted mines, but he give you a warning: you can't get out by the entrance.

Each mine is procedurally generated, with multiple levels inside, with each level being more profitable. Be mindful, strange and unknown things dwell in the deep.

The plan: Collect a precious ore, refine it and become rich and famous (You however have to escape the mine first).
Reuse mine cart in each mine to transport your ore inside the mine, and keep your map update to avoid any misstep.

Use your refined resources to upgrade your toolkit and buy items to facilitate your search.
Whatever you do, be silent
Or be caught

About Developer

Two friends that met at software engineering school years ago and decided to go along with game development ! We are both French and are glad to discover the indie community of Europe