Project Introduction

Choose your planet, and turn it into a habitable haven for humanity.

Navigate through treacherous landscapes and radioactive areas, or face giant waves caused by a nearby moon: each planet comes with different challenges in your quest for a new Eden.
Gather materials, craft essential tools, and build the foundation for a flourishing civilization.

Automate resource gathering and transformation with conveyors and machines, from elaborate factories to environmental transformation systems.
Temper the climate, create a breathable atmosphere, and turn toxic lakes into life-sustaining water.

Your mission as an Eden Crafter is to transform a vast open world, in singleplayer or online co-op multiplayer. Embark on a journey of survival with one goal: turning this hostile planet into a flourishing Eden, where crafting and automation are the keys to success.

• Open World
• Co-Op
• Survival
• Crafting
• Factory Building
• Terraformation
• Vehicles

About Developer

I've been creating games mainly in solo since 2010 and a first release on Android, a game called TurboFly HD which was quite successful.

In 2014 I started working on PC games, and got a greenlight for a first Steam project: Alchemist's Awakening.

A few years laters I joined Toulouse Game Dev, an indie dev association in Toulouse, France.

I started working with other people for the next game, Technicity in collaboration with a Polish publisher.

I'm now working in Eden Crafters, mostly in solo but contracting some artists. This game is set to release in the end of 2024.