Project Introduction

Edelweiss Knight is a turn-based RPG with tactics elements where players lead a trio of Saints to capture Deities and confront Corrupted Deities on a dynamic battlefield.

With an intricate battle system, players must utilize melee attacks, spells, and deity summons across a strategic grid, balancing offense and defense to outmaneuver enemies. Align with or against powerful Deities based on your actions and their alignments, influencing the battlefield and unlocking devastating powers.

Navigate through interactions between characters, deities, and enemies to decide the fate of the Saints and the battlegrounds they seek to control.

About Developer

I’m Guglielmo, a game designer from Europe. I’ve been in the games industry since 2018, working in diverse environments, including self-started initiatives and international companies.

After graduating, I’ve contributed to many events in my local community (such as the Global Game Jam) to create awareness around video games and started a new game development education initiative. Eventually, I successfully co-founded a serious game development company, directing the first launch and laying the groundwork for their future endeavor.

I then decided to move on to other challenges outside of my city until joining the award-winning company RedKoiBox as a game designer. I then joined the international gaming and entertainment group Magic Media.

The game lore is inspired by the legends of the Alps and the naming of the creatures and their backstories is paying hommage to these places where I've spent my childhood.