Project Introduction

The World
The game is about an adventerous and morally flexible gnome, Benjamin. His goal is to find the legendary treasure of Sternenfels in the caves below the Gnomeland. The caves are full of valuable resources, but also dangerous creatures that need to be defeated. Even though it is forbidden, Benjamin collects resources from the caves and uses them to run more expeditions.

The Caves
The caves contain a lot of different plants and animals. To extract their resources, you have to position a variety of gnomes strategically. But careful: the caves are controlled by dangerous bats, that need to be fed every turn. The deeper you venture, the more meat is needed to keep them in check. If you run out of meat, you have to flee and start over. To prevent this, you can hire more gnomes and provide them with upgrades that make them better at collecting resources.

The City
In the city you use the resources from the mines to construct production chains. By placing down buildings, paths and pipes, you can create sophisticated ration packs that will help you on your next expedition. You can also unlock new buildings, gnomes and abilities that will help you on your next journey.

About Developer

We are a small team based in Munich. Our goal is to create games more sustainable. Our team also initiated a local industry event called PizzaPlaytest where we invite other developers to bring their early stage games and get feedback on it.