Content Warnings

The player can die in the game.

Project Introduction

General informations:
Echoes Afterfall, a cooperative horror survival game that plunges players into the depths of a post-apocalyptic world ruled by an authoritarian regime.
Here, the player will be on a harrowing journey as a Reclaimer, tasked with braving the treacherous Echoes to secure vital resources for humanity's survival.
Reclaimer's objective is to explore semi-procedural structures known as Echoes, where valuable loot and lurking terrors await.
Whether navigating dimly lit corridors or exploring labyrinthine chambers, every step taken could lead to fortune or peril.

Diving Deeper - Upgrades!

In Echoes Afterfall players have the opportunity to upgrade their bunker, enhancing the possibility of survival in the echoes.
These upgrades not only fortify the bunker against external threats but also provide access to valuable commodities.
These enhancements are crucial for effectively navigating more dangerous areas or extending stays within the Echoes, as the time Reclaimers can spend there is limited.

Mental Sanity!
As Reclaimers journey further into the Echoes, they encounter psychological trials.
The game introduces a mental health mechanic reflecting the stress of their dangerous missions.
Maintaining sanity is vital for Reclaimers to remain effective amidst challenges.
Low mental stability can cause players to experience hallucinations, distorting reality and potentially leading to distrust among allies.

Quest System!
Echoes Afterfall also introduces a quest system, offering a variety of objectives and end-game challenges.
Reclaimers might find themselves tasked with retrieving rare artifacts, contributing financially to the "Governor",
fighting off waves of enemies, or uncovering the secrets of the Echoes. These quests ensure that players remain engaged and entertained throughout their adventure.

About Developer

Hello there!
I'm Federico, 24 years old, from Italy! I won’t go further into personal details like why I like pizza. It’s kind of obvious, isn’t it? (Doesn’t everyone like it, by the way?)

I started making games as a hobby about 4-5 years ago while in high school and continued even after graduating. Seeing that my skills in game development were improving, I began to consider turning it into a career... and yes, it’s obvious since I’m here applying for IndieCup.

But let's do a TL;DR of the why I'm doing games.
Long story short - I play games from probably more than 20 years now. Yeah, I was 3 or 4 years old when I first held a PS1 controller. And that's it. Games are magic. They create memories. Many of my best memories are playing games, whether single player or multiplayer.
And this is just thanks to some other people like me, people that wanted to create games. These people gifted me with some of the best memories that I'll cheerish forever, aand I’d love to create good memories for someone else as well, if possible.

Sorry for the long message, probably too much for a solo dev - you might expect this from a whole team, huh?
Well, it's time to continue with the application! Thanks for taking the time to read this!