Content Warnings

Light psychological horror, no jumpscares

Project Introduction

It's 1931 and Antarctic continent is still a new scientific frontier. The Miskatonic University of Massachusetts has launched an expedition, led by William Dyer, to excavate fossils and find concrete evidence for scientific hypotheses about the land. The expedition arrived on an island in the Antarctic region but contact was soon lost as their supply ship returned to an all but abandoned base camp.

You not only fear the worst for your colleagues but you also have an inexplicable sense of dread surrounding the expedition. Without support from the university anytime soon, you begin a rogue mission to find out what happened to the team. You make your way to Australia and find a fishing boat that is willing to drop you off and pick you back up after two days.

About Developer

Monkeys With Jobs was founded in 2022 as an independent one-person studio without any ties or connections to the industry but with a lot of valuable help of committed volunteers. We've since become a member of the game development association "Pioneers of Game Development Austria".