Dungeons of Dreadrock 2 – The Dead King’s Secret

Project Introduction

"Dungeons of Dreadrock 2 - The Dead King's Secret" is Episode 2 of the Dungeons of Dreadrock Trilogy.
The game takes classic Dungeon Crawlers (like Dungeon Master or Eye of the Beholder) and tranforms them to a top-down perspective.
The real-time grid-based movement remains (like in Crypt of the Necrodancer, but without rhythm) as do mechanics like floor plates, trapdoors, levers and fireballs.
You don't control a party, but a single character instead, which makes the game more accessible, and its focus shifts towards story and puzzles.

In 'The Dead King’s Secret,' players assume the role of the prisoner they met in Episode 1. The storyline unfolds concurrently with the first episode, further exploring the hidden yet pivotal role this sorceress plays in aiding the siblings in their battle against the Dead King and will feature 2 different endings, depending on your moral choice.

About Developer

Christoph is an elderly game design teacher.
Dymtro is a pixel art environment artist.
Fabian is a pixel art character artist.