Project Introduction


Dummy Dungeon is a first-person roguelike with a slasher combat system based on performing combos. The game has many unique weapons and characters that focus on different game mechanics or create a unique playstyle, for exmaple the Mage has a spell book and mana bar, the Scientist has one weapon that constantly changes its form.


Each main floor has a unique way of generation for example: 1st Floor creates long corridors ending in stores or arenas, 2nd Floor has many elevators making the floor very vertical. In the game there are additional optional floors available between the main floors and require the completion of special missions to pass, e.g. In the 1.5 floor Mine you have to defend the statue from waves of enemies, or in the 3.5 floor Sunken Ship you have to escape from the water that floods the ship.


Characters strongly change the game in every aspect: combat, economy, upgrades. I'll briefly list some of the less complicated characters because it will be easiest:

Vampire: Defeating enemies with a skill increases maximum health, each defeated enemy regenerates a part of health, in stores the vampire can buy items only for his health, in the starting location he starts with a healer from whom he can buy health for gold.

Pirate: Carries earned gold between runs, more gold falls out of enemies, stores renew after each purchase, can create a chest with random loot for gold

Monk: Has alternative attacks when he uses a spear, has a line with a hook with which he can attract himself to walls or attract enemies to himself, has a double jump, after a double jump he can hit the ground, While jumping off he can hit with an alternative attack


Each type of weapon (sword, heavy sword, dagger, hammer, spear, fists, katana, axe) has different combinations of blows. A player can only carry 2 weapons.

Currently as I write this (fresh from the release of the game version 0.2) there are more than 60 weapon effects in the game, some are simple such as set an enemy on fire or increase the chance of critical damage, there are also some that strongly change how you play such as: After receiving damage create a healing circle, From a hit enemy grows flowers that increase the height of the jump and the chance of critical damage.

About Developer

We are a small two-person team from Poland, so you can see in our game the influence of European culture on, for example humor or even some elements of character design. The work is divided into programming/modeling and graphical aspects of the game, while the soundtrack was fully created by a close friend of the team.