Project Introduction

Fuel your towers with Steam!
Strategic placement is crucial! Carefully assess the terrain and map layout to build your towers where they can harness the most steam from the tiles.
The higher the steam, the faster the attack speed.
As towers consume steam from the tiles, you must cleverly piece together your base.

Funnel the monsters through your Base!
Use walls to guide the monsters as you wish! There are no predefined paths on the map, so create your own and lure the monsters into traps! The Tactical Mode assists in planning by showing you the path monsters will take in the next round.

Pick your favorite towers!
In "Drill to the Stars," you can select your towers in diverse situations. The tower selection, shop, and game-changing events offer you interesting choices to optimal adapt to the game situation.

Play again!
Through procedural map generation and points of interest, each playthrough brings a new gaming experience. The full version includes 3 maps, 3 champions, 5 different escalation levels, and unlockable content through achievements.
In the world of "Drill to the Stars," there's a lot to discover.

About Developer

We are two developers from Germany. Currently we are still studying at university and working on games in our free time.