Project Introduction

"(...) and scary stories have been accompanying men for centuries. They have many faces and forms. But what is their purpose? Why do we enjoy being afraid so much? During our therapy, I'll try to (...)"
(excerpt from Dr. Emmerson's Clinic leaflet)

Try out our original approach to bringing literature into the interactive medium

Enter the world of weird fiction and cosmic horror masterpieces. Experience them in complete, uncut versions, created with full respect to their authors.

Dr. Emmerson's Nocturnes is a collection of fully-voiced visual novel games in real-time 3D. If you are interested in the concept, we encourage you to check out our highly acclaimed completely FREE adaptation of Dagon - H. P. Lovecraft's first story connected to the famous Cthulhu Mythos.

- fully-voiced narrative experience in real-time 3D
- VR support
- 3-4 stories (maybe more - Dr. Emmerson often adjusts his treatment) written by the best weird fiction authors including H. P. Lovecraft and Stefan Grabiński
- dozens of interesting facts about the authors and their masterpieces hidden inside the game

15% of revenue will be donated to charity organizations (chosen by our community on Discord)

So relax and let Dr. Emmerson guide you through all the colors of dread. Don't be afraid, these are just stories, they can't hurt you.
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About Developer

We’re Bit Golem - a small development studio from Poland, passionate about narrative games and experimenting with the medium. After years of working mainly for publishers, we’ve decided to concentrate on our own gamedev endeavours which, despite belonging to different genres, will have a strong common thread - the focus on story.