Content Warnings

You will send your enemies flying through windows with shotguns; they will bleed and stumble down realistically. When you get hit, you can feel the impact in your bones. Dodge This is not for the faint-hearted.

Project Introduction

3rd person team-based multiplayer with slowmotion and movie style action.

Fluid movement is the most important part of Dodge This. In order to dominate close-quarter combat (CQB), you need to master the different stunts and how to use them in harmony with the environment. Seek cover by sliding where your enemies' bullets can't reach you, or take an aggressive stance and make them seek cover by diving head-on and emptying everything you have on them. Every stunt is different, with its own benefits and drawbacks; learning to use them in the correct situation makes all the difference in combat.

Decide whether you're going to storm the enemy stronghold and rain down lead-filled justice or stand your ground with your fellow Suits and teach law enforcement not to poke their noses where they don't belong.

Leaving rooms full of defeated enemies earns you the ability to slow down time around you and gain an extra edge. When you enter slow motion, you are able to dodge incoming bullets, take better aim at your opponents, and advance to the next firing position more safely. Slow motion time is limited, so make every slow motion second count.

Choose your weapons wisely. Keep it light and agile with a pistol. If you need more firepower, take another one and double your firepower with akimbo pistols. When facing a larger group of enemies, equip yourself with a powerful shotgun to start clearing your way and send your enemies flying through windows. If you are overwhelmed, you can improve your survival chances by grabbing submachine guns with a high rate of fire. Never underestimate a man loaded with bullets and an SMG.

About Developer

The studio is based in Finland, Helsinki, only the founder/CEO lives in Helsinki, other team lives in
Ukraine, South Korea and Canada.

Its our first game as team, its the first game for this studio.

We believe that for too long, multiplayer shooter games have not been brave enough and have been just too, well, vanilla. We believe that the shooter game genre needs to be pushed further away from its comfort zone so we can actually offer something exciting to players like you.

We want to create games that remind us why we fell in love with the shooter genre in the first place. Shooter games haven’t taken enough risks, and players have had to settle for similar games with elements they have seen so many times before. The fans of the genre deserve games that take risks, are bold, unique, and provide explosive gameplay moments. We believe the time has come to take risks and break new ground for shooter genre fans.

If you believe what we believe, then we have a game for you.

BR, Dodge This Team