Content Warnings

The game contains depictions of an immaginary old wild west, with fights against bandits and dinosaurs. There is a depiction of death and blood splatters.

Project Introduction

Lucy’s sister has been kidnapped and her mother killed by a gang of bandits and it's up to Lucy to save her. In her quest to save her sister, she will stumble upon the Dino Path, a series of 3 valleys where people can’t die. By exploring, rescuing people stranded in the valleys, and talking with a mysterious man who seems to know Lucy's late mother, she will discover that she has been brought here by destiny and to save her sister she will need to break the curse of these valleys like her mother did long ago.

The game is a 3D Isometric Roguelike Survival shooter based on exploration, gathering, crafting, and vitals handling.
The player advances between maps presenting different biomes and challenges, with enemies' difficulty ramping up as in-run time passes by.
There is exploration of procedural maps with controlled randomization of resources and enemies, and thematic biomes (and sub-biomes) that change players’ necessities, priorities, and gameplay choices.
The player have to handling Health, Hunger, Thirst, and Temperature by gathering, crafting and consuming resources.
The combat is based on timing and mastery through ranged weapons and throwables.
There is avatar growth through basecamp upgrades, crafting and looting of Power-ups, weapons, and gears.
The player will traveling by choosing among different kinds of maps: normal, boss, and shop.
Between runs unlocks of craftable power-ups, additional game systems, and narrative advancement.
There is dynamic Difficulty that scales with time spent in the run.

About Developer

Passionate indie studio focused on developing and delivering quality games.
One of our strengths is that Void Pointer’s designers belong to one of the first generations of professionals that got an in-depth formal education about game and level design, development processes and most skills required to complete a videogame project.
The team is composed of a total of 15 talented members divided into 8 core members and 7 collaborators.
We meticulously selected each member through an interview, a portfolio review and a trial period of two weeks.
Many members of the team already knew each other and had worked together on other projects or during game jams, so we were easily able to build a very cohesive group.
One of our first goals when we started was to create a professional, safe and pleasant work environment in which everyone would have been able and encouraged to express their best.
After achieving this objective, we kept working hard to maintain this balance.