Project Introduction

The beating heart of the game is the unique dice mechanic where you roll and use dice to perform special actions. Each turn players roll a handful of dice which consists of a series of basic symbols which can be spend to perform various actions. Such as spending a 'Sword' to attack, a 'shield' to defend and so on.

What makes the combat really interesting is that each character can combine dice to unleash special abilities, such as combing a 'sword' and a 'haste' to perform a dash attack or a 'sword' and a 'shield' to create an explosive shield around an ally. Players can also re-roll any number of dice once per turn.

The resulting combat is all about players optimizing their turn by figuring out how best to use their dice every turn. Which actions can you do and in what order? Should you go for elaborate abilities or just do basic actions? Is it worth rerolling some dice to chase that perfect turn or is what you have good "enough"?

The system is borne out of a desire to tackle the innate output randomness which permeate our genre of turn-based tactics games. We want an experience that is free of "feels bad" randomness where the players turn is completely ignored when an "80%" shot is missed, while still acknowledging that randomness is a key component of these types of games. That's why all our randomness happens first as you get the dice, and the game is then about how you use it. There is even a wildcard dice which can be spend in place of any action, at the cost of a long term detriment, further helping mitigate unlucky rolls.

Beyond the combat system, the game features a colorful cast of evocative and eccentric characters which players must befriend to get to the top. A deep 2D character customizer and a macro layer of managing your family and preparing for missions.

About Developer

We are a team of 3 developers working on the game in Sweden. We are a mix of Swedish and Danish developers making this project together. We live and work at Spellkollektivet, a large collection of indie developers who live and work under one roof, sharing the trials and tribulation that is indie development.

The setting and style is heavily inspired by southern Europe and imagines what our society would look like if we had stuck to the renaissance ideals and power structures of noble families all the way to our modern world filled with technology!

To this end we are even working with an amazing Portuguese composer who is creating an unique and authentic soundtrack of Portuguese folk music called Fado mixed with contemporary genres such a hip-hop and trap.