Content Warnings

skeletons, fantasy violence

Project Introduction

Dethroned is a roguelike army-builder, with the elements of tactics and auto-battler. In this game, you take on the role of a dethroned mage leading an army of creatures to reclaim the throne.

Choose one of the mages with unique abilities and get to lead your own army of creatures. Take on various challenges, including tactical battles, strategic exploration and capturing locations. Arrange units before each battle by considering their abilities, statistics and synergies. Explore the procedurally generated world full of events and hunt for artifacts and bottled spells.

Every run is different, with randomized skill upgrades, items and a procedurally generated world, that keeps things fresh and exciting.

About Developer

Irid Games is a two-person crew - Ada and Michał - from Poland. Both of us have almost 10 years of experience in game development. We formed Irid Games to make games we'd like to play, and which hopefully may bring joy to some people.