Content Warnings

Horror themed, flashing images.
People with thalassaphobia and megalophobia might find this game challenging to experience.

Project Introduction

DEATH IN ABYSS is a fast-pace submarine action game from the developer of Gun Devil, God Damn The Garden, Apple Slash and Lulu's Temple.
The game fuses together elements from classics like Star Fox 64, Devil Daggers and mysteries from the anime Made In Abyss.

Roam free and fly fast against massive unidentified giants lurking in the dark depths. Figure out their weaknesses to gain the upper hand.
In your descent, the nightmares can only get worse.

Mutated lifeforms swarm towards you. Survive by using your versatile movement to stay mobile.
Eliminate hostiles with your powerful arsenal to refill health.
Progress deeper into the uncharted ocean, find the source of the outbreak.

-Satisfying flight controller, designed for fast-paced action.
-A tough deep-sea campaign involving mutated organisms and infected biomes.
-Creepy underwater atmosphere filled with dread.
-Massive apex nightmares to fight against.
-Option to replay previous missions.
-PSX-inspired graphics with old terminal aesthetics.
-Crunchy old-school retro sounds.

About Developer

Name is André, solo developer from Norway.
Been making games since 2016, so far published 6 games on Steam and soon 3 on console. Love this field, going all in on my full-time gamedev dream.

Death In Abyss is my most ambitious project so far. Started development in 2022 August, and will publish a public demo later this summer.
Very inspired by Star Fox 64, Devil Daggers, Made In Abyss anime and deep-sea mysteries.