Project Introduction

Lueur feels familiar, yet unlike any building strategy games you've played before. It's a miniature survival builder that won't hold your hand through endless tutorials or convoluted menus - you can dive right in and start building. Go back to the roots of gaming, where exploration and experimentation were the key to fun and discovery.

Build to survive, thrive, or relax - the choice is yours. Experience the game on both macro and micro levels, as you oversee the management of your structures and resources, while also immersing yourself in mini arcade games to collect resources. Explore the world and story as you reshape it - your choices will determine the fate of your realm and its inhabitants.

About Developer

Darenn Keller started as a Gameplay Programmer in 2 small game companies during his studies. After graduating in Programming and Game Design, he worked at Ubisoft Bordeaux for 3 years as Game Designer on the Ghost Recon and Assassin's Creed franchises. He left Ubisoft to become an independant game developer in solo, and released his first game Last In Space in only 1 month. He is currently working on Lueur and the Dim Settlers.