Project Introduction

Infiltrate highly secured data centres and grab as much data as you can. Plan your moves and outsmart guards, cameras and drones. Every turn counts: the Security Net is already rising. Valuable equipment is hidden in protected terminals. Steal it and use it for your mission or sell it on the black market.

Do you know Minesweeper?

- If NO, don't worry! You will get right into the tactical depth of Dataminers and the puzzle mechanics of Dataminers is taught in no time in the training center.
- If YES, you are already familiar with the base puzzle mechanics of Dataminers. But Dataminers is more than just another Minesweeper clone: this time You are part of the playing field and enemies, items and abilities bring tactics and cross-mission strategies into play.

Features and playmodes

- Roguelike campaign. Will you reach the Everything Centre?
- Climb the InfiniTower. How far will you get?
- Challenge yourself in Classic, Speed and Pressure playmode.
- Compete with other players in weekly leaderboards and Daily Mission.
- Just relax and play the Zen mode.

About Developer

Electrocosmos is actually Alexander Leps, who made his first game when he was a 7 year old: a top down Shoot 'em up for typewriter. He started studying computer science in Berlin in 2001 and worked as freelancer after. Alexander shipped over 40 educational games and a variety of apps before he started working on his own games.
In 2017 Alexander released "Runic Rampage" - a hack and slash featuring a raging dwarf. His second game "The Plague Doctor of Wippra" - a story about a young plague doctor in medieval germany - was published in 2022.
Currently Alexander is working on "Dataminers" - a mad combination of roguelike, climbing game and Minesweeper.