Content Warnings

Attention: Dark Hours includes flashing lights which may not be suitable for individuals with photosensitive epilepsy or other photosensitive conditions. Additionally, the game features screamers that could startle certain players. If you have a heart condition or are pregnant, please carefully consider whether playing our game is advisable for you.

Project Introduction

Short description of the game :
“Dark Hours” is a cooperative multiplayer survival horror in which you play as various groups of individuals enduring a series of terrifying phenomena following a mysterious supernatural event.

Your heist has been disrupted by a supernatural event. Now, you are trapped with an evil entity. Forget your plan; your mission is to survive! Explore and cooperate with your teammates to find a way out!

Core Features:

Cooperation is omnipresent at all stage of the game and is the key. It begins during the selection of equipment. Locations are littered with obstacles that require close collaboration to explore and overcome. Players must closely coordinate and work together to survive monster attacks.
A local voice chat has been integrated, which cuts off verbal communication when players move away from each other. Communication equipment is available to allow long-distance communication between players. However be careful, the monster can hear you and it will take great pleasure in corrupting these devices.
Unique monster:
The game's chilling atmosphere is amplified by a roster of unique monsters, each with distinct attacks and behaviors.
Throughout the missions, players will encounter terrifying creatures such as the Hidebehind, capable of masquerading as a player in the darkness;
the Loreilei, capable of ensnaring players in bewitching illusions; and the Ajatar, known for its poisonous attacks that induce madness (among others).
Based on our in-house artificial intelligence technology, the game incorporates multiple aspects such as gameplay elements, monster types, obstacles, and cooperative mini-games through random generation. This allows us to offer players multiple variations of the same setting to enhance their experience.

About Developer

Piece of Cake studios is an indie French game dev based in Paris. We creates co-op multiplayer gaming experiences and managements games set in imaginary worlds (with our “Piece of Cake Fabulous” label). Released projects: Hacktag, My Fantastic Ranch - upcoming projects: Dark Hours, Fantastic Haven.

Marine Freland Lemaitre  - CEO and co-founder
Specializing in game design and project management, Marine started in 2008 with Alone in the Dark and Wakfu. In 2015, she founded Piece of Cake studios with Xavier, who has been working with her for 13 years. As CEO, elected to the board of the SNJV, and member of Women In Game, she works for greater diversity in the gaming industry.

Xavier Lemaitre – Creative Director and co-founder
From graphics engineer to technical director, Xavier has 15+ years' experience in game tech and art. His various positions at Eden Games, Ankama, Eugen Systems, etc... have honed his expertise. His commitment: foster team creativity by removing technical burdens.