Content Warnings

I don't think such content is in the game.

Project Introduction

What happens if mix runner with rpg elements... let's find out together!

The game level is procedurally generated and endless.
Obstacles, enemies, and objects are randomly placed. In the game, you need to avoid obstacles such as wall fragments, vines with thorns, roots in order not to lose height. You also need to keep an eye on the satiety parameter.

When fighting with the enemy, you should use items picked up while running to have an advantage. The main parameters are attack and defense, which are reset after your turn. After completing its phase, the turn goes to the enemy and so on in turn. You lose if you run out of health or satiety.

The game has background music and other sounds, the volume of which can be changed in the settings.

About Developer

Hello everyone!

I am a developer from Ukraine and have been doing this for several years. I decided to create my first commercial game solo in my free time after main job.

I don't think she will be able to earn much, but in any case, I will donate most of my earnings to the Armed Forces. I want to help in this way and bring our victory closer.