Project Introduction

Faced with depleting energy reserves, The Vanians went on a quest to find a new source of energy. On one fateful day, Crystallium, their brave paladin, returned with a gift almost too good to be true. A vibrant Crystal pulsing with energy, able to power their machines once more and also enhance themselves with this newfound energy.

However, with one problem solved, another reared its head. Their once loyal companions the Crystallisk turned into raging monsters and began a relentless assault on the Vanians. Pushed back to their last resort, the Sanctuary, they stand behind the last line of defense, the Gladiators.

As a Gladiator, now it is your turn to protect both your people and the Crystal and stand your ground against the endless horde of Crystallisk. Feed the Crystal with the essence of the slain horde and then descend deeper to find more fuel for the Crystal. Discover the mysteries of the arena and uncover the truth below in Crystalis Descendant...

About Developer

Boxsun is an indie game studio from Kortrijk in Belgium founded in 2021. Our vision is to forge roguelikes and games alike. At Boxsun diversity and inclusivity are very near and dear to us. At our core we reflect these ideals with our executive team consisting of a person with a disability, a lady, and an individual of a different ethnic background. Our unique combined perspectives drive our creativity and ensure our games are both engaging and inclusive for all players. We celebrate our differences and aim to create games that bring people together from all walks of life!