Content Warnings

Cartoon violence, implied abuse of drugs and alcohol

Project Introduction

Crime or Punishment is an isometric 2.D detective game that inverts the traditional mechanic of solving a crime by covering it up instead. As a crooked detective working for the mob, the Player must inspect the scene of the crime and tamper with items and evidence to steer the investigation away from the guilty perpetrator, towards an innocent party. But be careful! Should the Player choose haphazardly, they will fail and the real criminal will be caught; and the mob does not tolerate failure!

About Developer

Scale issue is a team based in Rome, Italy, but its members are from all around Europe. The core team is formed by a programmer, a level designer, an artist and a narrative designer. Crime or Punishment is our first game, and the help and feedback from great local communities like RomaGameDev, Zona Warpa and Ex Machina were key to completing this first demo.