Content Warnings

There will not be anything too graphic, just might have mentions of mental health and depression and slight violence.

Project Introduction

*Carve your path, become a jeweler or a smith in a quaint port town.
*Meet a lot of different folks and impact their lives.
*♥♥♥ Romance ♥♥♥
*Adopt magical pets.
*Relax and craft!
*Full voice acting
*Completely unique crafting simulation
*Character customization
*Original soundtrack
*Short choices matter branching story with a lot of replayability

About Developer

The CraftCraft game itself is based on the rich medieval European history: Hansa merchant and crafting guilds with a fantasy twist.
Our team is very international, we are based in Estonia but we have people working on the project from Ireland, UK, Netherlands, Australia and USA! Our Creative Lead, Leene(She/Her) is living in Spelkollektivet in Sweden currently helping to volunteer and help along the first big co-living and coworking space for indies.
Our CTO is in Estonia, actively making events for the game dev scene. Because the game development scene is so little in Estonia and we are super thankful for the help we got from the few people that were there, we have now personally helped it along with small donations and putting in some time to organize game jams.
Our Tech Lead Bram(They/Them) is active in making safe online game development communities for LGBTQ+ people.