Project Introduction

CrabbleUp is a laid-back, retro-inspired roguelite.

You are a small hermit crab, and you embark on a journey to explore the depth of the seas. Level-up to strengthen your existing abilities, and learn new ones! The skill tree is hidden, the levels are procedurally generated, each playthrough is unique, and enemies hit hard! Your only weapon is the bubble you can make, but it is a very versatile tool.

The framework and integrations are quite complete, however "content" is a bit lacking still. The latest release (v0.10.0) added 3 new enemies, and the next one will add at least 2 new bosses and 1 more enemy type. The skill tree is fully developed, with a couple powerful upgrades waiting for players who play all the way through. The current version has a single difficulty with optional checkpoints, I am planning to add more game modes to accommodate more casual, and even more hardcore players. I am also planning to play into the roguelite premise deeper than just generated levels and (optional) permadeath: part of the skill-tree will be persistent across playthroughs, but it will only progress if the player takes risks. This game is not story-driven, however I am planning to add some story hints towards the end of the development, especially answering why we want to go down to the depths.

About Developer

I am a solo developer working on this project in my free-time. I have a complete roadmap, and an end quality goal for this game, however completing the feature-set is slowed down by my limited time.

I can do many parts of the dev cycle but I am no artist. So, I have a graphics artist drawing who drew the visual assets (all of them are hand-drawn and digitized resulting in a quite unique style). The music and most of the sound effects are from paid asset packs with licenses to use in games. A very small fraction of sound effects are AI-generated to fill the gaps of the asset packs.