Content Warnings

While not graphic, the game does include meat which may be disturbing to vegetarians, vegans etc.

Project Introduction

In Cosmic Kitchen your goal is to save the galaxy by feeding hungry food to galactic space monsters! It uses drag and drop mechanics that allow you to grab and throw food across the screen. Space is your kitchen which means you need to use space to prepare food, for instance if you have food near the Sun, then you can cook food. Planets have different abilities and purposes that allow you to boil, chop and hold food.

You will receive training from C.H.E.F, an experienced space chef who knows the best ways to prepare food in space. Each galaxy has it's own cuisine and new recipes to prepare and master! There are 5 galaxies planned, with an endless mode also being planned that allows custom layouts for your kitchen!

About Developer

Skyline Studios Games is a Cardiff based team with a goal of creating games that are fun and offer a gameplay twist on well loved genres. Currently we're developing two games: Cosmic Kitchen and Escalar: The Tower of Treasures.

We originally started up after graduating from University and since then we've been working on releasing our IPs, as well as exhibiting our games at events such as WASD and EGX in the United Kingdom.