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Project Introduction

Discover and play in an unknown world with a superpower!

On an unknown planet, it will be necessary to master, observe and use a wonderful fauna and flora to help Cibo join his vacation club. Cibo possesses the ability to inflate his head: he can glide through the air, bounce, get himself stuck in cavities , absorb impacts, roll, move elements. He can also mimic shapes and produce sounds with this superpower.

Visual poetry, dreamlike atmosphere, suspense, and wonderment are the ingredients of this exhilarating adventure, in the company of Cibo, an endearing little alien.

Cibo will interact with geysers to propel himself, sticky termite, bright plants that ignite at night … He will explore huge and mysterious places, little ecosystems suspended in the air, a levitating ocean… He will cross path with incredible animals some of which are as large as hills, he will bounce on strange shapes allowing him to move over the mountains.

Cibo’s journey, punctuated by discoveries and wonders, is also the learning of a world. A careful observation of the inner workings of this harmonious nature will gives Cibo the keys to succeed in his quest. Producing sounds to communicate with an animal, turning an insect into a moving lamp, or feeding another to save it, avoiding dangers by using the peculiarities of the geography. The player will discover the origin of gameplay’s key features. Where do these insects live, how do these plants grow, what is producing these pollens…. This aspect of the game will highlight the overall coherence of different ecosystems.

About Developer

I AM A DOG-studio, is a video game studio located in Strasbourg. The studio was founded by two friends in 2015, Laurent Siefer (comic book author, screenwriter, illustrator, game designer) and Thierry Mary (entrepreneur, manager, school director of comics, publisher of comics).

The studio completed two years ago the game CIBOS
CIBOS, a local/online party game sold on Steam. CIBOS is also an amusing and offbeat look at the world of work. This first game was supported by the CNC, nominated for the Indie Game Contest 2015. The game has been selected for a promotion by Square Collective Enix.

The studio wants to develop the world of CIBOS through a trilogy. Cosmic Holidays will be the second
part of this trilogy.

The studio team has been working together for a long time. The production experience of the first game has granted us the capacity to achieve a more ambitious game.