Content Warnings

Injuries (minor, no gore or intense violence)
Space monsters (nothing visual or intense)

Project Introduction

Behemoth Prototype - The Setting and Plot

By 22th Century, the humans have conquered the Solar System, colonising Mars and the moons of outer planets. But there is still no solution for interstellar travel.

In 2124, a mysterious, giant space ship of unknown origin appears near Neptune. A team of scientists and operatives are sent to investigate it.

As soon as they enter the ship's airlock, the behemoth jumps to an unknown region of space, abducting the astronauts.

Key Features:
Space exploration
Ship management
Staff Management
Quests & Lore
Minigames (Breach, Survey, Asteroids...)

About Developer

A team of Slovenian developers based in different towns who create experimental games; mostly role-playing and simulations.

After attending the Slovenian Games Groups, the title has now expanded to work with freelance collaborators across Europe.