Content Warnings

The game has violence against fantasy creatures.

Project Introduction

It takes a monster to destroy a monster. Coridden is an action RPG where you are a monster-shifter, equipped with the ability to shapeshift into the beasts you defeat. Venture out alone or in CO-OP with up to 3 friends on a journey to uncover the dark secrets sealed inside the legendary city of Aasha. Grow your powers by finding new equipment and learning skills for both your human and beast form to become strong enough to save what you hold dear.

Key Features
Become a shifter: Switch between your human and beast form freely to utilize each form's strengths and skills when needed. The different beast forms are not only formidable in fights, you can also use them to faster traverse and overcome obstacles in the world.
Action focused combat: Experience intense combat action where both your own skills and character gear matters. Learn when to attack, dodge, jump, shapeshift and use your abilities to effectively take out the aggressive beasts, bandits and machines that you’ll encounter on your journey.
Grow your shapeshifter powers: Build up both your human and monster form with new gear, attributes and active and passive skills as you level up. Choose from 4 human classes and train one or more of the 7 beast masteries available.
Ride out in Co-op: Up to 4 players can play together in drop in/drop out co-op gameplay, both locally and online. In co-op you also unlock a special team mechanic: ride on each other’s back to become a strong cavalry unit together!
Explore the world of Heera: Take the role as one of four siblings, each one with their own distinct personality, opening up for different sidequests and choices in conversations. Alongside your main mission you can explore the open areas further to find hidden treasures and complete side quests in an unusual science fantasy world.

About Developer

Aftnareld is a small, passionate studio based in Linköping, Sweden. A studio started by a gaming couple with strong will to create fun and challenging cooperative games for other gaming couples & close friends. We want to contribute to more memorable experiences with people you love! Aftnareld translates to evenings (aftnar) and fire (eld), which represents what we want to encourage with our games: to spend evenings together around the modern fire.

Narin Yousef

Co-founder, CEO, Design & 3D

Narin loved playing games and being creative since young age, but she wasn’t planning at making them at first. She met Valle during her studies at Linköping Universiety (where she got a bachelor in chemical engineering) and discovered a true passion for game development when they started working on a project together.

She has always been a caring and service-minded person, and discovered how interesting and rewarding it felt to design a game for players to have fun with. She works passionately for making designs that are easy to understand and that are engaging as well as coherent.

From her times at the University she learned to keep things structured and developed a skill in writing and documenting. She also enjoys work with 3D (especially creating creatures and environments), writing, world-building and connecting with people!


Co-founder, Programming, Animation & Design

Valle’s creative journey started early, as he was introduced to art and tech through his creative and ambitious family. He has been programming games as a hobby since high school.

Valle has an eye and passion for both the technical and art side of games, especially when it comes to animations, game feel and control. He likes to work for making stable and robust games, dedicating much time to building solid groundwork to build further from. This is possible thanks to his ability to set long term visions, together with his high discipline and loads of patience.

Valle also has a passion for teaching and helping people grow. He holds an education as a high school teacher in mathematics and chemistry (Linköping University), and now occasionally teaches at game development schools.