Project Introduction

Legend says that humans once ruled the lands of Copperfields. It is believed they built the first self-sustaining machines on the large oil basin (Copperfields- 3000 years ago).

Oil-based industry and automatization polluted natural resources and once green valley turned into desert lands covered with dark clouds, making the area inhabitable. For a long time, machines thrived living in peace, devoid of any organic life. (Copperfields - 1000 years ago)

...But nature always finds a way. At one point, out of desperation, devoid of natural resources, resilient plants evolved to use oil as a main source of energy, which allowed it to grow extremely fast, destroying everything in its way. With branches reaching high above the clouds and roots so deep some believe they go down to hell itself. On its bark, rich with organic material, a new ecosystem emerged.

A plant from the ancient era of machines awakens after a long dormancy in this new ecosystem but is now fused with the body of a gardening robot. This symbiotic union enables it to traverse vast distances and overcome various obstacles by upgrading its robotic body, all in the desperate search for the scarce remains of water essential for its survival. This character bridges the gap between nature and machinery, invoking players' empathy and protective instincts, similar to the universal impulse to care for a plant.

Copperfields is an atmospheric platformer set in a dieselpunk fantasy world overrun by nature, where players use innovative dual-stick controls to overcome challenges and survive in a lush, transformed ecosystem. All in a quest to find water..

The game features:

- Physics-based movement
- Dieselpunk puzzles
- Twin- stick controls never seen in adventure platformers before
- Hand-drawn world

Because of our unique protagonist, we are adding a new depth to the platformer genre by utilizing twin-stick controls only seen in shooters so far. This fusion of the worlds allows our little plant the ability to harness robotic functionalities like mechanical hands, shields, and rockets while trying to protect its head. The Left stick is used for movement and the right stick for the use of tools to solve puzzles and navigate obstacles. Offering an unparalleled depth to the puzzle-solving process.

With the use of different tools (shield, rocket, gear, etc.) players will be able to solve puzzles and overcome environmental obstacles that unlock new parts of the robot city.

The game switches its flow between puzzles and exploration with dynamic chase sequences with Sonic-like movements that test the skills the player acquired throughout the levels and keep them on their toes at all times. A dual-control system requires players to master the delicate balance between the agile-moving robot's body and the breakable head. With a hostile environment trying to get rid of the protagonist, the balance of speed and precision will be the thing that matters the most in the end.

Copperfields envelops players in a rich, post-apocalyptic world where nature's unchecked beauty intertwines with remnants of civilization, crafting an immersive atmosphere that is both haunting and hopeful.

About Developer

We are based in Montenegro, and when we founded our studio 3 years ago, the gaming industry was non-existent in our country. We worked hard to learn the ropes and also invested a lot to bring this industry in our country. We organized free 6-month game dev and art trainings, game jams, board games nights, and esports tournaments. So our motivation goes beyond just making our game. Our goals are to make indie community in our country and through successful stories to contribute to building the gaming scene in Montenegro.

Regarding our previous work, as I mention we have been working together for the last 3 years. We worked on co-development projects and outsourcing until we saved money to build our own IP.