Project Introduction

Immersive Gameplay
A wide variety of physics-based interactions lets you feel the weight of objects. The undistracted first-person perspective creates a vivid experience. Increase your feeling of presence even further by playing in VR – for those who dare only.

Maximum Interactability
Picture a messy floor covered in interesting residues from former times! Or twenty buttons, levers and flip switches on a control cabinet! Doors, hatches, toilet flushes… – if it looks like you can interact with it, you can – in VR, as well as on PC.

No Filler Rooms
Every room of the underground facility tells a story and may be important in your journey. Find relevant clues, solve riddles and find out about what happened down here. Skulk through many different meaningful sectors of an authentic bunker from soviet times.

Switch between PC and VR
Enjoy the game with your PCs peripherals from the comfort of your chair or go for maximum immersion in VR. Jump back and forth between VR and PC without the need to quit the game.
All the mechanics were designed and developed from ground up to feel great on PC, as well as in VR. Choose between numerous VR locomotion settings and adjust the skin tone and size of your VR hands so you can fully immerse yourself.

- Get to know every corner of an authentic and atmospheric soviet bunker.
- Seek safety by reactivating power, lights and machinery.
- Solve riddles with residues and stories from long gone workers, soldiers and prior survivors.
- Physics-based interactions wherever you would expect them – on PC, as well as in VR.
- Avoid the darkness and loud noises. You may not be alone.

About Developer

Fiend Games was founded in 2024 by me, Gabriel Mittermair, with the goal to create and publish quality independent games in Austria.

At the moment I'm a solo developer, working on the debut title CONFINED: Leaving OKB-134 for over three years now. Fiend Games focuses on combining conventional and new technologies, which don't get enough love from other studios.

As a VR enthusiast and early adopter I started working on game mechanics which feel great on PC as well as in VR. Future developments like new projects and building a team heavily depend on the success of CONFINED: Leaving OKB-134 which I aim to release in early 2025.