Project Introduction

Embark on a tranquil journey aboard your very own boat in Collector's Cove, a charming farming adventure like no other. Set sail with your loyal animal companion and discover a world brimming with hidden treasures and secrets.

Cultivate rare crops, reel in elusive fish, and nurture your maritime sanctuary as you uncover the secrets of unique islands. Enjoy the cozy solitude of your travelling home, where the soothing sounds of the ocean accompany your every endeavor.

But your adventure doesn't end there. Dive deep into the depths of exploration as you strive to complete your collectors' compendium, gathering rare crops, fish and treasures to rise through the ranks and earn the esteemed title of a Named-Collector.

Craft useful items to aid you in your journey and transform your boat into a personalized refuge reflective of your unique style and personality.

Key Features

🌽Farm: Experience the joy of farming in a serene maritime setting, surrounded by the calming embrace of the open sea.
🐟Fish: Enjoy the relaxation of fishing in salt and fresh water, where each catch brings its own sense of fulfillment and excitement.
📔Collect: Discover treasures and rare versions of crops and fish to complete your Collector's Compendium to earn special rewards.
🦕Companion: Forge a bond and customize your trusty animal companion, who accompanies you on your journey and lends a fin whenever needed.
🛠️Craft: Craft useful items to assist you on your journey through the different climate zones.
🎍Decorate: Customize your boat with a diverse selection of decorations.

Collector's Cove takes place in a world shaped by seemingly endless oceans, with only occasional small islands to be discovered. In this largely uncharted world, the profession of a Collector is coveted, attracting young individuals with enthusiasm and ambition. It is every Collector's ultimate goal to complete their Compendium and rise to the rank of a Named Collector.

About Developer

We are a small development team of 4. Our team consists of experienced developers who worked on titles like Lord of the Rings: Gollum, Dungeons 4, Shadow Tactics, Shadow Gambit, Desperados 3, Spells & Secrets and Stranded Sails. We started our company last June and released our first game Growth for PC and Switch. We try to be very active in the european indie scene and exchange with as many other developers as possible.