Content Warnings

Combat with melee or ranged weapons against human enemies, undeads and other creatures with blood splatters

Project Introduction

Chronicles Of Sagrea is an action-adventure game set in a medieval fantasy world in which you'll experience a thrilling journey through different locations across Sagrea as you discover the details of the story and confront numerous threats.

It has been a long time since the gods ceased to walk among mortals and Sagrea is in a tense situation due to the rivalry of its two main kingdoms.
Meanwhile, in the east the roads are no longer safe and merchants who go into the frontier never return. Rumors say that a dangerous group of looters could be behind these events. The King of Thodgar, focused on his war efforts against the Kingdom of Arthosh, ignores the requests of the locals to send reinforcements to investigate the matter. Therefore, a reward has been set for whoever is able to find them and defeat their leader. As an adventurer who likes a challenge, you have accepted the contract. Will there be something else behind these events?

Choose between three characters to start your adventure: Kholdir the barbarian, Zeira the Amazon or Sir Edric the knight, each with their own characteristics, specialized in particular types of weapons and having different attack combos.

It features an intense combat system: face your enemies, dodge, block and use devastating combos to finish them off. Each weapon has its own special attack and each character has his own set of combos that you can unlock and improve using ability points, obtained by increasing your experience level as you progress in your journey.

Enter fortresses, ancient ruins or catacombs and try to be cautious of any dangers you may encounter. Your only aid will be your own skills and the steel of your weapon.

About Developer

My name is Luis Cobo Hurtado and I'm the developer behind Chronicles Of Sagrea. With this project my goal is to offer an epic adventure that pays homage to classics of the medieval fantasy genre.
As part of Out Of The Blue Games code team I've been involved on other titles like Call Of The Sea VR and American Arcadia.