Content Warnings


Project Introduction

Chicken Police: Into the HIVE! is a character-driven, story-rich, film-noir detective adventure in which you must uncover a complex, world-scale conspiracy by gathering clues, interrogating suspects, and solving puzzles.

Sonny and Marty, the Wilderness's toughest detectives, are about to embark on the biggest case of their lives, which will take them through the insect underworld and force them to face the darkest reaches of their past.

You're in for a story that will affect the fate of a whole city, even the whole world, and yet it's also very real and 'human'. Murder, betrayal, conspiracy, loss, friendship, and even love await you in this dramatic and absurd adventure.

- Explore the city
- Investigate at your leisure
- Uncover hidden places and stories
- Save Clawville before it erupts in flames!

About Developer

The Wild Gentlemen are a 23-strong team of professional veterans and talented newcomers whose first game - Chicken Police - Paint it RED! - was a huge critical success. The team creates in a variety of genres and moods, working on several projects in parallel, but their priority is always to produce games of artistic merit and the highest possible quality.