Project Introduction

In this retro-style 2D RPG with updated classic game mechanics, accompany the dutiful knight Sai on his journey across the magical continent of Zhetan and meet unlikely companions, uncover a sinister conspiracy, and stop the forces of evil from achieving ultimate dominion over the World Above. Inspired by the classics of 90s and early 2000s-era JRPGs, the game features an engaging turn-based battle system and a world full of exploration, dungeons and puzzles.

As a “best of the classics”, Charon: Zhetan Chronicles’ turn-based battle system puts big emphasis on strategy with worthwhile decision making. It allows you to influence the turn order action per action by either choosing an offensive or defensive tactic. Feel the excitement when you managed to exploit enemies’ weaknesses and deliver the finishing blow with powerful attacks!

Increase your options in battle even further by customizing your party not only with equipment, but also new skills and passive abilities. Collect mysterious relics and attain new battle actions whenever you want or increase your party’s stats and resistances by mastering special talents.

The World Above is designed with rewarding exploration in mind. While traversing an area
you can find a lot of optional locations, treasures and challenges. Dungeons will test your skills not only in battle with powerful enemies, but also with puzzles to solve. And then there are lively towns filled with NPCs who provide more insight in the world’s story and lore or offer side-quests.

A colorful cast of queer characters where each one has a unique personality and abilities. In this character-driven story, scenes are written to give the characters room to express themselves and their struggles while giving you the opportunity to shape the main character’s path as leader by choosing answers for him during important moments.

- Classic RPG with 20-30 hours of content
- 32-bit graphics with a nostalgic feel of old classics
- A huge overworld with many secrets to explore: treasures, puzzles and optional dungeons
- Turn-based battles putting a great emphasis on strategy and the use of enemies’ weaknesses against them
- A diverse cast of queer characters with engaging personalities and individual abilities
- Learn new skills for your party by crafting them on your own accord and use the powerful Talent System to customize them even further with passive abilities
- No random encounters, but on-map enemies
- Multiple side quests and guild errands to advance your understanding of the world, fighting more powerful bosses and gain experience more easily

For aeons the Great Chasm has separated the World Above from the Underworld. While the people of the upper realm live in peace under the watchful eyes of the gods, the realms below the chasm are plagued by the wicked influence of the Dark One. Then, 80 years ago, he unleashed his legions to enslave humanity.
Only the gods' devoted knights seemed capable to withstand evil.

Accompany knight Sai on his quest across the continent of Zhetan to put an end to a conspiracy of the enemy. Find new companions and face a variety of challenges. Take on fearsome monsters, powerful demons or devious villains... and find out what really is the root of all conflict.

About Developer

We are FervorCraft, a creative team with only one goal: entertaining you!
We specialize on fantasy, horror and adventure, in cooperation as well as in solo projects.

For years we have been producing comics, novels and games.
With games especially since 2008 in german RPG Maker communities.