Project Introduction

You are an agents of the Bureau, in which your responsibility is to contact, explorate, investigate and banish the paranormal entities.

The game cycle is clear and EASY for understanding and you can succeed with the effective teamwork (in co-op mode) or by your own extraordinary efforts (in single-player mode).

The HARD things start at that second when you understand that your enemy has not the traditional AI and acts ... almost like you.

The neural network gave the enemies abilities to:
1) analyze context of what they see and hear from you;
2) simulate moods and attitudes towards what they hear/occur;
3) make decisions on their own will and reasoning, parodying human behavior and "cause and effect relationships".
So, welcome to encounter the most human-like intelligence ever!

- different kinds and temperaments of the ghosts
- wide toolkit for investigating, combating, and protecting against the paranormal.
- few exorcism methods
- trade and storage systems
- experience system
- reward system
- collection system

Developed on Unreal Engine 5.

About Developer

Developed by MiroWin studio ("Guns'n'Stories: Bulletproof VR", "Boiling Steel", etc.)
Studio is founded in Kyiv, Ukraine in 2017, has a representative in Lublin (Poland).

It is not for the first time for the studio to become a pioneer in various technological advances in the gamemade industry in Eastern Europe. Earlier MiroWin was one of the first in Ukraine to start mastering virtual reality in gaming and non-gaming spheres, after which MiroWin became the first in the entire post-Soviet space to release game for the VR devices like Oculus Quest, which later became popular.
The team started the first steps in AI training back in 2018 on the basis of their "Boiling Steel" sci-fi VR shooter and now decided to take it a step further - from traditional to generative AI.