Content Warnings

Upsetting content:
- low saturated, depressed locations showing the atmosphere in a city which was under swine-dog occupation
- depressed dialogues and there are a lot of them
- sometimes simple (sometimes not) puzzles mechanics. Skip this game if you think that games are ruled by mechanics or story is optional.

Project Introduction

BROKEN LIFE is an atmospheric, fully voiced Point-and-Click 2D adventure set in a world torn by war. At the heart of this story stands Leo, a former soldier, who is returning back to his hometown. Leo's tale is full of loneliness and exhaustion after surviving years of war. He needs your help to restore his home and his broken life, cope with his grief, and reunite with his daughter. While it may seem simple at first, this is only a delusion. The house hides many mysterious secrets…

Some features you may like:
- Emotional Storytelling. This story is a reflection of my emotional journey during the war. I wrote this script while bombs were dropping on my city and other parts of my country that I love so much. I suffered from depression, panic attacks, and shed countless tears. This story is my way of dealing with my feelings.
- Atmospheric Design. Explore a carefully designed environment, where every detail evokes a sense of emotion and darkness.
- Full Voiceover. All dialogues and cutscenes are voiced for each supported language. This is optional and you may turn off this feature.
- Meaningful Choices. Your decisions have consequences and affect the storyline. There is no right or wrong answer, only different paths to take.
- Immersive Puzzles. Solve puzzles that challenge your logic and creativity, while advancing the narrative. Some of them are simple, some are challenging. I've designed the puzzles to serve the storyline, not the gameplay.
- Inspired by cruel Reality. The game was made in Ukraine - a country that has witnessed countless horrors of war.
- Made with Heart. As a solo developer, I put all my effort, my soul and even tears into every aspect of the game.

Wishlist on Steam and be prepared to the emotional journey!

About Developer

Hi, my name is Kostiantyn Reus and I am a solo indie developer from Ukraine. Nice to meet you!

I love games and I've found myself in making them. This is so awesome that you can put your inner world in your project and show it to the audience. Games for me are art pieces and game developers are artists.

So, I love playing story-rich games. My favourite genre is Point-and-Click adventures. I always wanted to make my own. And now, it's in progress.

Unfortunately, my first project BROKEN LIFE will be pretty sad because it's my way of coping with the depression associated with the war in Ukraine.

I've proud what I've done by now, and I hope you'll like it too