Project Introduction

In Bridge Hunter, destruction physics is the main gameplay element. You can drop a bomb on an enemy tank, or you can destroy a section of the bridge, causing multiple of them to fall into the water at the same time. With various drones, you can prioritize speed and agility, stealth or sheer firepower to achieve your goal.
The occupiers are not just gonna idle while you disrupt the central element of their logistics. If your drone is spotted, you'll have to dodge hundreds of bullets unless you're planning to go for a swim. You'll be assisted by larger UAVs, naval drones, and swarms of FPV drones, but the enemy will try to counter those as well.
Currently, 2 maps are available: day and night scenes for the bridge with different objectives. Three more are in development: Oil Refinery, Highway Defense, and Airfield, with more coming in the future.
On release, the game will also feature support for the most popular controllers, full English and Ukrainian localizations, Steam achievements and leaderboards.

About Developer

Double Light is based in Kyiv and Kingston. Our main goal is to create a game that works like a therapy session. We believe that action and explosions in games are great stress relief, especially when combined with the theme of Bridge Hunter. The motive you'll see throughout the game is a fight of a smaller force for freedom against the enemy that appears to be indestructible. How can a drone compete with dozens of tanks, warships, and other vehicles, all protected by anti-air and electronic warfare systems?
The obvious inspiration for the game is the Ukrainian Army, which has been continuing the fight for European and World freedom for over two years. To support this effort, we will donate 25% of the profits from the game to Ukrainian charities and actively encourage players to chip in as well.