Project Introduction

The story takes place in a wacky fantasy world. A world obsessed with the ancient game; Game of Frogs.
The player will travel this world in search of 4 magical shells, the objects that will help save your best friend.

Game of Frogs: a 1v1 strategy game where you have to get your frogs to the other side faster than your opponent. Use your collection of frogs’ synergy and your strategic placement to move fast over the board, while trying to hold back your opponent.

This is a turn-based game where your opponent and you move at the same time, making every outcome unexpected and chaotic while keeping it strategic.

While you travel the world you collect, win, trade, and buy lots of different frogs all with unique and special abilities that you can use to defeat your opponents and to improve your frog deck (toadbag)!

The concept is based on the feelings of playing with marbles and playing cards at the schoolyard. Trading, collecting, and winning new ones!
The best thing wasn’t the games we played, but the feeling of community. Everyone played it, Owen even had that special rare marble that you wanted.

We want to capture this feeling of community around a game inside …a game.

Bonnie Bear is accentuated by heartwarming, indie songs, written and performed by the developers themselves.

The music captures and reflects the game’s improvised, not-too-serious character, bringing depth to the experience and a smile to the player’s face. Often half improvised, first takes and imperfections are intentionally left in the recordings, capturing a moment in time that cannot be recreated.

Next to that, the player can play along with most songs through innovative gameplay systems that are always easy to control and don’t require any musical skill. The player can play a part in the soundtrack, playing along with virtual instruments or making the music adapt to player choice.

About Developer

Bonte Avond is two musicians who started to make games.

We're a Dutch game studio made up of 2 musicians. We really like going with first ideas and putting lots of homemade indie music in our games. Whether it's making music together, doing lots of voice-acting, or coming up with weird and funny game ideas.

We always try to be conscious of diversity in our games and hope that we can play a (small) part in improving acceptance and happiness in the world. We joke a lot in our games, but never at anyone's expense (except maybe our own).

A lot of content in our game is very European in the sense that we use Dutch words as names for places and people, put Dutch objects in the game, and do a lot of the voice-acting ourselves, resulting in characters with an accent.