Content Warnings

There are some content warning :
- TW : violences, murderer, drugs.

Project Introduction

Birdie falls in love with Jonas, but soon after their wedding, she gradually discovers her husband's darker side and finds herself imprisoned in a haunted mansion. Between intrigues and puzzles, you'll have to help her escape.

This is a narrative game with choices and additional gameplay across 3 main branches, one is dark with ghosts and the manor is like a character itself, the second is like real life, you have to find allies and money and the third is the most magical with fantastic creatures, legends and myths, you have to collect memories. You need to explore all 3 branches and activate certain chapters to continue the game. The end of the game depends on your choices and your ability to find all the objects and solve all the puzzles. You can always play again because we want you to win and feel empowered.

This is a dark story about gaslighting and violence against women. This game is for adults. This is a story about emancipation.
Thank you for reading!

About Developer

I'm Joy, a French developer, CEO and Creative Director. I worked many years as animator at Ubisoft, indies and for some animation series. I am also an awarded author and illustrator. I co-founded Purple Meadows studio with Laurène Wich is a musician, harpist, and singer in a melodic metal band, and Edwige is a programmer, also PH.d, in our team we have some consultants in Game Design and Producing. We are a very small team. We already have a psychologist as a sensitivity reader too.

I don't remember exactly how we were connected to the European indie games scene, sorry!