Content Warnings

Blood, dead bodies, alcohol.

Project Introduction

You become à bar manager under your evil master Vlad! To escape your master, you'll have to expand your bars through Crimson City. In total, you'll manage 7 bars that you'll be able to design to your wishes with all the different styles we offer. While gaining popularity in Crimson City you will meet other vampire masters who'll grant you special powers.
Your bar will attract both humans & vampires, thankfully you'll have servers to who'm you can asign to just one job or give them an order of importance. While serving the humans they will also hypnotize them to attract them in machineries.
You'll have multiple machines to transform your humans in bloody drinks to satisfy the vampires.
There's also an arcade that'll allow you to catch humans when they play as long as you have space.
You don't need to worry about the corpses, you servers will take care of it.
You have to stay carefull, a vampire can still attack a human, act quick because to other clients can alert the autorities. You don't want to be found out! That's not the only danger, always stay on your guard, vampire hunters are lurking.
Once you finish a bar , you can always go back to it to unlock new achievements.

About Developer

We're a young belgian studio, founder by veterns in the local industry. Our team is composed of 10 people, who all work hard for our first game together.
Clever Trickster speciliazes in tycoon & city builder kind of games, 3D stylized with a touch of humour.