Content Warnings

- Violence
- Blood
- Indirect depiction of suicide
- Infernality and religious themes

Project Introduction

Making his way through trap-filled tunnels and labyrinths, the main character searches for the Book of Relics which contains a secret of how to reincarnate the world after the apocalyptic religious war.

Playing fast and aggressively or slow and steady — entirely up to you. Master your platforming skills while investigating the lore of the enigmatic temple by collecting ancient artifacts.

Explore monumental brutalist dungeons and claustrophobic tunnels. Retro-stylized graphics and sounds from the early 00s will take you back to the golden days of gaming when games were crafted with heart and soul.

About Developer

Currently, our team consists of 7 people. Part of the team works on Blessed Burden, part of the team works on Back to Hearth, and some works on both projects at the same time. All of them are from Ukraine. Although, unfortunately, not everyone lives in Ukraine now, some had to leave their homes because of the war and move to other European countries.

Now we are working remotely. Everyone takes on their area of responsibility and works as well as they can.

Previously, Blessed Burden took part in the Indie Cup Ukraine 2023 and won the Rising Star nomination. This year, we want to show the results of our work to an even larger European audience that is interested in similar projects.