Project Introduction

Crafting/management game Bladesong takes swordmaking mechanics to a new level, featuring unparalleled customization of the sword's every detail and deep analysis of the sword's physical properties. Take the role of a swordsmith in the enclaved city of Eren Keep in a unique, post-apocalyptic fantasy setting. Run your forge, fulfill customer commissions and perfect your craft and tools. Find your way in a city governed by an idolized ruler with an iron grip and build a loyal team of those you deem trustworthy.

About Developer

Bladesong is the debut title from SUN AND SERPENT creations, a new indie studio based in Germany. The studio was founded by David Kuri, former Gameplay Tech Lead at Moon Studios on No Rest for the Wicked. David is supported by various freelancers and contributors, including people from Moon Studios and Ninja Theory. Currently, SUN AND SERPENT are working with people from Germany, Poland, UK, Croatia, Spain and USA.