Project Introduction

Become the Black Dragon Mage

Hatch your very own dragon companion from an egg and ride it into battle as your ultimate weapon!

Upgrade your mage & weapons on every level-up and pick a unique combination of ARPG-style abilities for your run. Every death is a new opportunity to experiment and grow your might! Buy new meta-upgrades (weapons, abilities, upgrades, hats & more!) in the Hall of Relics and avenge your own death with newfound power.

Grow your might! Launch increasingly large volleys of fireballs, or icy orbs that leave frosty mines and freeze foes on contact, blast the undead with your arcane beam staff or harness the dark and chaotic power of the void itself! All primary weapons can be modified through stats, or special upgrade paths called Masteries, to unlock their full strategic potential and build variety.

Forge your own path on every run by experimenting with unique combinations of your core arsenal & powerful ARPG-style defensive and offensive abilities such as the Shield of Frost, Summoned Flameswords, Spiral Strike, Fiery Pentagram! and more!

Turn the environment to your favor using your (often outrageously explosive!) strategic genius, outmaneuver your foes by leading them into deadly traps! Laugh as you watch them hurl across the battlefield... Fools! Environments use procedural generation to make sure every run feels fresh, with randomly placed power-ups and hazards spread across the maps.

About Developer

I'm a solo developer from Southern Germany, a former data scientist and winner of Kenney Jam 2021 (my first jam, actually!, which motivated me to get into games full-time. Kenney is the Dutch "asset Jesus" of the Euro gamedev scene and his community was my kickstart into the hobby that became my profession.

I also like to participate in "X devs work on 1 project without communicating" type challenges, for example: