Project Introduction

Beyond The Board is a single-player puzzle game that transforms traditional chess into a minimal, immersive journey, inviting players to explore a land of shifting tiles and solve rule-breaking puzzles accessible to absolutely anyone yet challenging for even the most experienced!

During a chess match, a lightning strike disrupts the game, shattering the board and sending the pieces into unknown depths. Left with only a single Rook, you must chase the enemy King through this new three-dimensional chess realm, in order to seek answers and rescue your party.

-Gameplay Features-
Levels and Puzzles- In this chess journey, each level relies on seemingly standard movement and checkmate strategies but applies a new set of rules and conditions to them, making players think outside the box.

Boss Levels: Each chess kingdom features special boss levels where players face new powerful pieces. Their behaviors diverge significantly from standard chess pieces, creating engaging and strategic encounters.

The Party: As the journey progresses, players will gather the fallen pieces in its party. At the start of each level players can strategically choose their crew, deciding which pieces fill out each level slot.

Replayability: By revisiting previous levels with different piece combinations, players can unveil alternate endings and hidden paths in this checkered world.

About Developer

Guilherme, with a background in game engine development, wears multiple hats on this project. He's the lead developer and artist, channeling his passion for art and technology to bring this game to life.

Bruno, a seasoned sound designer and composer, crafts immersive minimalist soundscapes and sound effects that elevate the gameplay experience.

Together, we decided to take on the challenge of this project in an attempt of bringing a new expression to chess-like and minimal puzzle games.